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In many countries 1 in 20 people get cancer. It’s a devastating disease that kills 9.5 million people every year. By 2040 it will kill around 16.4 million people yearly.

But surely we’re close to a cure, right? There must be thousands of dedicated experts using the latest research techniques to create medical breakthrough. The medical breakthrough we all need to rid humanity of this brutal disease, surely?

No. The appalling truth is there’s no serious effort to cure cancer. Pharmaceutical giants are focused on inventing new drugs that are slightly better than the current ones. For some of the most deadly cancers, like colon cancer which kills about one million people every year, some of the new drugs only add two months to your life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A new approach to treating cancer, focusing on “cancer agnostic” drugs and treatments is already getting great results in some countries.

We’ll never have a cure for cancer with the current approach. We need something new. With your help cancer can become history. It will be something medical students learn about when they study the history of medicine.

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