Yuko Hoshino

I’m an orthopedic surgeon and therapist. I don’t often deal with cancer patients in my work, but after losing my mother to esophageal cancer, I realized that patients and their caregivers need a wide range of help.


Mai Ashizawa

I’m a translator and Japanese teacher. Although I don’t work in a job where I have direct contact with cancer patients, I want to focus on helping others live fulfilling lives, so I work for cancer patients.


Emi Morioka

I’m a social worker and a runner. At medical institutions, we listen to consultations from cancer patients and their families. I’d like to help create a society where everyone can choose their own life and live a life that suits them.


Matthew Dons

I’m a cancer patient and I’m the founder of Make Cancer History. I help patients, health practitioners and cancer researchers communicate better with each other. I’m also working to educate cancer patients so they can make well-informed decisions about their treatment.


Ena Fujinuma

I’m an English teacher, teaching English to children. Some of my close family and friends have been diagnosed with cancer, and I am acutely aware that cancer is a disease that affects us all. I hope I can be of some help, even if it’s in a small way.