Free Online Course for Cancer Patients and Carers

Cancer is very upsetting and very difficult to understand. This course helps you find a way through the maze of treatments and challenges.

This free online course helps you:

  1. Understand what’s happening to you
  2. Choose the treatments that are best for you
  3. Have a good quality of life
  4. Have the best chance of outliving your cancer
  5. Be protected from scammers, crooks and quacks who want to steal your money

Module 1: Getting Help
Module 2: Understanding Your Cancer: Diagnosis and Monitoring
Module 3: Cancer Treatments: Effects and Side-Effects
Module 4: Surgery and Radiotherapy
Module 5: Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapies
Module 6: Immunotherapy
Module 7: Choosing Treatments: Questions to Ask
Module 8: Clinical Trials
Module 9: Crowdfunding for Your Treatment
Module 10: Your Physical and Mental Health

How does the course work?

Each module has a live online seminar, seminar notes and a checklist. The seminars are 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes of your questions. You can print out the seminar notes and checklists to take with you to your medical consultations.

The live seminars will be recorded so you can rewatch them whenever you want. But the Q&A section of each seminar isn’t recorded because some participants may ask questions about their personal situation. You’ll receive the seminar notes and checklists by email.

Your personal information (including name and email address) won’t be sold, shared or given away. Ever.

Please note: The course is for educational purposes only. No medical advice will be given. The course is free for everyone but if you’d like contribute to the running costs click here: Donate

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Make Cancer History on Youtube

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